Rehabilitation is the active strategies employed by physiotherapists to correct a patient's movement deficits. Good rehabilitation is the corner stone of physiotherapy practice and is the most evidenced based method for long term symptom resolution.


It involves specific exercises that address deficits found on the assessment : strength, flexibility, endurance, power, movement pattern retraining etc... The rehabilitation program is made more challenging as the symptoms improve until the patient is ready to return to their desired level of function e.g. return to sport/work/walking/running/bike riding/housework etc...


While manual therapy (mobilisation, massage, dry needling, taping, manipulation, etc...) will provide short to medium term improvement in symptoms, symptoms will tend to recur. Accurate rehabilitation is more likely to "fix" the problem long term.


Given that rehabilitation is an exercise based treatment, it requires commitment and dedication from the patient to ensure a positive outcome. 


The Physiotherapists at Prime Physiotherapy are experts in rehabilitation and are passionate about using this treatment modality to positively influence their patient's condition.