Philosophy & Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide evidence based treatments to help our patients get long lasting results. We aim to not only treat your pain, but also diagnose the cause behind your injury; in order to give you a long term solution.


Our consultation times are longer than the industry standard - so that we have time to:

  • assess the injury thoroughly to get an accurate diagnosis;
  • explain the problem to you and advise on the likely time frame to recover;
  • advise on how we can help to address your injury;
  • treat the injury effectively;
  • teach and practice any relevant exercises for your rehabilitation; and
  • provide you with a written treatment plan for recovery

All this topped off with friendly, professional service!


We treat a variety of conditions, including joint sprains, tendon injuries, muscle strains, back pain, neck pain, headaches, sports injuries, nerve pain, chronic pain and pregnancy related injuries. We treat patients of all ages and physical activity levels to get them back to participating in the activities they love.


We also have an onsite Clinical Pilates Studio and Rehabilitation Gym which we utilise for Pilates classes, prescribing rehab exercises and assessing biomechanical/postural problems.


The physiotherapists consulting at Prime Physiotherapy Doncaster East have experience in Elite Sport, Private Practice and Hospital settings and are driven to be the best that they can be - in order to deliver the highest quality care to patients.


At Prime Physiotherapy Doncaster East we are passionate about helping people!

Reception area at Prime Physiotherapy clinic East Doncaster Treatmeant room at Prime Physiotherapy East Doncaster for physiotherapy treatment, Clinical Pilates, Running analysis, Falls and Balance retraining, chronic injury and pain anagment, post-operative rehabilitation, thermosplastic splinting, dry needling, massage, strapping and taping and sports injury managment Weights rack at Prime Physiotherapy East Doncaster
Reception Room                              Treatment Room Weights Rack
  Pilates Room at Prime Physiotherapy East Doncaster for cinical pilates individual and group classes available  
Front Entrance Pilates Room Back Entrance 
Overview of Front Entrance  Overview of Back Entrance 
Birdseye view of Prime Physiotherapy East Doncaster showing parking and the front and back entranceBirdseye View Map