COVID-Safe Practice Guidelines


Please note: wearing a mask is a condition of entry for our practice.

If you do not have a mask, we can provide you with one. For clients who refuse to wear a mask, we can only offer online physio consultations.




What to do when you ARRIVE at our practice: Client Entry Procedure


1. When you arrive at the practice please make your way to the back door and RING THE DOOR BELL to inform us that you have arrived


    2. Please then WAIT for us to let you in

    • Do not enter the practice
    • While waiting you can check in via the QR code


    3. When we meet you at the backdoor, prior to entering, we will:

    • Ensure you have a mask on – we will be provide one for you if you don’t have your own
    • Take your temperature
    • Provide you with hand sanitizer
    • Open the door for you so that you do not need to touch any door handles



    What to expect when you ENTER our practice:


    1. We will settle payment at reception prior to your appointment; to save you having to return to reception afterwards

    • The payment terminal, pens, desktops, chairs and anything else that was touched will already be disinfected prior to you entering
    • Where possible, we will ask you to swipe your own card (health insurance card/credit card/medicare card) to avoid this touch point
    • If we do need to touch your card, we will wipe this down prior to returning it to you


    2. Your physio will then take you in for your appointment:

    • having already wiped down the treatment bed, chairs, tabletop and door handles and anything else that was touched with hospital grade disinfectant
    • having already cleaned their hands prior to your appointment
    • wearing a mask, eye protection goggles and a gloves


    3. After the appointment, your physio will make a follow up appointment for you if needed in the treatment room

    • the physio will escort you out of the practice and open any doors for you so that you do not need to touch door handles


    Safety Measures for Clients:


    1. Social distancing:

    • waiting in the car 
    • markings at the entrance to the practice
    • markings in the waiting room AND perspex screen at reception


    2. Symptom screening prior to entering the practice:

    • asking for signs or symptoms 
    • temperature testing


    3. Masks being worn by all persons PRIOR to entering the practice


    4. Hygiene

    • hand sanitiser PRIOR to entering the practice
    • hospital grade disinfectant to wipe down ALL surfaces in ALL rooms immediately after use
      • Treatment rooms: treatment table, plastic pillow case cover, chairs, table and door handles all wiped down
      • Reception: chairs, desk top, pens, hicaps transaction terminal and door handles all wiped down
      • Exercise rehab studio: reformers, t-bars, weights, chairs and door handles all wiped down


    5. Offering online physio appointments for at risk clients/clients who are unwell/clients who refuse to wear a mask



    Safety Measures for Team Members:


    1. Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

    • masks,
    • eye shield glasses and
    • gloves for physio treatment


    2. Ensuring that all clients who reschedule their appointment due to illness present a negative COVID-19 test result prior to attending their next appointment

    • sighting the negative COVID test result SMS prior to the next appointment is sufficient


    3. Social distancing team members from one another for case conferences, tutes, client handovers by using video-conferencing software for meetings


    4. Providing online physio consults for clients who:

    • may be at risk of infection (e.g. close contacts) 
    • refuse to wear a mask 
    • have rescheduled due to illness but have not had a COVID test



    REMEMBER: if you are feeling unwell please give us a call on 8838 8811 and we will be happy to reschedule your appointment for you.



    If you would like to make an appointment to see one of our physiotherapists, please use the booking portal below: